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French at Pattison College


We follow the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 2 Years 5 & 6French

Taught by Mr Harrison.
Each year group has one 30 minutes lesson per week, taken in the Senior School.   
The focus is on oral work at this stage

Key Stage 3 & 4

Mr Harrison is currently covering for Mrs Rippon who usually takes Years 7 & 8. He is also covering for Mrs Matthewswho usually takes Years 9, 10 & 11

All pupils study French to GCSE level.

Course Book – Tricolore 5e

CDs/Kerboodle Interactive resources/Copymasters/Assessment/Workbooks/Bibliobus readers etc.

In accordance with the National Curriculum, pupils are expected to make progress in four attainment targets:

  • Listening and responding
  • Speaking
  • Reading and responding
  • Writing

Our aim is to develop the ability to use French effectively and confidently as a means of communication, whilst enjoying and appreciating the nature of language and its culture, the intention is to form a sound basis for study beyond KS4, for work and leisure and to encourage positive attitudes to foreign language learning in general.

Assessments on varied skills occur at the end of each unit.

Years 7 & 8:        5 x 35 minutes per week with Mrs Rippon.  Tricolore 5e 1

Year 9:                  2 x 70 & 1 x 35 minutes per week with Mrs Matthews 5e Total 2

Year 10:                2 x 70 & 1 x 35 minutes per week with Mrs Matthews.  5e Total 3

Year 11:                1 x 70 & 2 x 35 minutes per week with Mrs Matthews.  Tricolore Total 4
                                (This will change now that we follow the AQA course as OCR no longer offer GCSE languages).

Disney Land Paris


Trips abroad – every other year:

In 2014 & 2016 Senior pupils went on a PGL Adventure holiday just outside Paris during the Easter holiday.

Whilst on holiday pupils are encouraged to use their French skills at all times and trips to varied venues ensure an appreciation of the culture and civilisation.